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Download Deltarune For IOS


Deltarune, is a role-playing game that uses a top-down perspective. It is available for PC, MAC and iOS devices. The player controls a human named Kris and has to complete objectives in order to beat the game. During some parts of the game, the player is allowed to choose attacks of other characters in the game. Combat is performed similar to most standard turn-based role-playing games, choosing from a set of actions such as “Attack” or “Spare”. While the goal of the game is implicitly to avoid fights and spare monsters, this is made difficult in that Susie, who is not initially controlled by the player, would rather attack enemies than spare them, and thus the player must also determine actions to prevent Susie from hurting enemies if they want to show mercy.

The game also has TP (Tension Points), which allow team members to use spells such as “Pacify”. The game’s first chapter, unlike Undertale, has only two endings. They are exactly the same up to the king, where, in the pacifist run, all monsters overthrow the king. In neutral, this doesn’t happen. Fox plans for the whole game to only have one ending.


Download Deltarune For IOS:

Download Deltarune IOS

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