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Download DOTA 2 Chess For IOS

The first edition of our Auto Chess guide focuses on the very basics of play. As we gain more experience with the game, we plan to expand significantly on all areas. This should be enough to help you grasp the basics though, and get stuck into the game yourself!

– Auto Chess is a competitive eight player mode that’s available within Dota 2. Play takes place on a chess board of eight squares by eight squares. Rather than chess pieces though, you play with characters from Dota 2.

– Gameplay takes place across numerous rounds, and with multiple boards existing within the overall game space. These other boards are occupied by your fellow players.

– The first few rounds take place against AI creeps on your board, allowing you to build up resources and develop your strategy before you start battling the other players. It’s highly recommended that you monitor your opponents’ emerging strategies c

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ontinuously, by mousing around the bigger game area once you’ve made your plans for each round. You’ll have time left on the round timer to do this digging around.

– When you first start a match, you’ll need to choose and position a starting character on your side of the board. You choose from a random pool of characters that you’ll be able to continue buying throughout the game, but if you like your random selection then you can hit the padlock icon and lock the characters in for purchasing later on.

Keep in mind that certain units can be combined if you have enough of them positioned close to one another, allowing you to create even more powerful units. If you have multiple units of the same type in your opening selection, consider locking them in. Alternatively, you can spend resources to re-roll this selection, but it’s not recommended to do this until later in the game when you want to hunt out specific synergies.

– Once combat initiates at the start of a round, your active characters will fight the AI or human opponents automatically. As you kill enemies, you’ll notice little gift packages appear on the ground. These contain useful items for your overall strategy, so pay attention to what you get and plan accordingly.

– Characters have either a passive or an active ability. Active abilities cost mana to cast, and mana is gained when an attack is made or when a character is attacked. You get more mana in the latter scenario than in the former.

– You’ll also level up and gain gold as you work through rounds, allowing you to slowly snowball the num

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ber of characters you can field. Again, don’t forget to keep an eye on the units your opponents are investing in by mousing around the playable game space. This way you can start planning for your eventual human encounters.

– When building your team, it’s important to look for strong synergies and abilities that combo well with one another. Think about how each new character can either support or enhance the overall shape of your emerging combat strategy. Character classifications are an important thing to look at in the selection phase, so that you find units that work well together.

– Following on from the point above, Elfs and Mechs are concerned strong starter archetypes

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to focus your build around as you learn the basics of Auto Chess. Try to focus on these while you’re learning the ropes and it’ll make it easier to grasp some of the finer details and advanced strategies involved.

– You’ll receive a unit of experience at the end of each round, and as you increase your level you can field more characters onto the board. While you’re levelling though, you’ll need to leave some characters “on the bench” and in the bottom row of the board. Note that you can also spend some of your gold on experience boosts which will help you accelerate the number of units you can have in play during any given round.

– The better you plan these early AI rounds, the better you’ll perform once the human competitive element comes to play. Efficient kills and gold gains means you’ll be able to snowball your advantage against the other players. Really focus on making the most out of these early rounds, so that you head into the real competition in the best possible shape.


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