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Download GTA 5 for iOS Device

The fun begins with GTA 5. It is wonderful online multiplayer game which is ready to rock the Apple devices. The developers has released its sale log which are enough to evident about its popularity and craze among players across the world. GTA 5 for iphone has opened new horizons for apple devices. GTA 5 is the improved version of GTA IV. It has various improved features. Take a look!

download gta 5 for iphone

  1. IMPROVED VEHICLES: newly designed vehicles frame part of this game. The driving mechanics fell more like a racing game because of high speed and elimination of boat-like handling system. The cars can hold better to the ground and will be able to roll over and flip. Also the interiors of the car are more detailed. Apart from car as a vehicle player will be able to use submarines to explore the Ocean. All these changes reflect the physics that the developers have run on them.
  2. SELECTION OF WEAPONS: The sleek and sharp weapons have now been included in weapon inventory. Weapon wheel has been introduced which ease the selection of weapons. The old system of going through all the weapons to select one has been vanished. Assault rifles with sound suppressors, flashlights and folding stocks are a major attraction.
  3. CHARACTERS: The game revolves around journey of three protagonists named Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. At a single point of time you are play as one player either of them. When you play as one player the other two players are living their daily lives. Unlike other games which do not feature the activities of other characters this game has a unique feature where you would be surprised to see that what the other two characters do. This also has a character swapping feature. Along with this customization of appearance of the character can be done more actively now.
  4. NEW ACTIVITIES: This version of GTA is acquainted with new activities such as yoga, jet skiing, tennis, golf, scuba diving, parachute jumps, triathlons etc. Varying from place to place random events have been added to give real surroundings to the area. The player can show middle finger while driving a vehicle and the reaction of the pedestrians will vary depending upon the location of player. They may be surprised, angry or show grin expressions.
  5. NEW BUSINESS: GTA V will be featuring some of the new businesses. Fast food restaurant and Fumigation Company are one of them. The player can buy various drinks from the vending machines while travelling.

This multiplayer game is now available on your Apple devices. You can download GTA 5 for ipad. You can invite the players and add more thrill and fun to your game. The characters depicting pedestrians will also be seen at bus stops waiting for bus and also as gardener and lawn keeper. On a whole it is complete package. The developers have expanded their horizons and have welcomed the apple people to be part of GTA fraternity.

All this bunch of features can now be displayed on your iOS so download today GTA 5 for ipod touch and enter the world of thrill and adventure.

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